Garrett Nudd


Time is fleeting. So I'll not waste yours by telling you who gave me my first camera and how it was the greatest gift I ever received. The fact is, the greatest gift I ever received was perspective.

I've been fortunate to travel a lot but there are only a few places I'd call home.

I've found creativity in the art and architecture of Paris and inspiration in the scents and scenes of Italy. In Scotland I found solace outside an ancient castle overlooking the North Sea. And in the Caribbean I always get sun-burned, but it's beauty is still pristine and persuasive.

Before I found photography I was a writer. I wrote with my heart and left nothing behind. I still write with my heart, but now my tool is a camera instead of a keyboard.

Our imagery is shaped by a myriad of unintentional influences: love, faith, passion, family, art, stories—both true and false, and fashion. Oh, and perspective.

Someone once said to me about our work, "you photograph not what you see, you photograph what you feel." I'm glad they got it.

My wife Joy and I are blessed to have a beautiful life in the country with two extremely spirited daughters and a loyal old golden retriever named Sulley.